The Final Stretch

Hey everybody! We at Alienworks have been keeping busy these last few weeks, and the results are coming up strong. As I suspect you may be aware, our April Fool’s demo stated that we would be releasing sometime in May. Fortunately, just about all of our assets and other various creative elements have come together nicely, and while I can’t absolutely guarantee exactly that time frame, I can say with certainty that we will be holding very close to that release schedule. I won’t bore you with a bunch of technical details, but I can say from seeing it myself that it will definitely fit with our vision of what we were hoping to accomplish by demo release.

Now, beyond that…

We also have some other exciting news. As is becoming an Alienworks tradition, a fair number of us will be attending Anime Expo this summer. However, this time, we’ll be actively participating, too. A couple of us will be at Sekai Project’s table in the vendor hall, saying hello and answering questions if you have them. We’ll also have a couple prints to sell, and maybe some free stuff to give away.

Moving onto some matters of progress: I know the last post announced itself as the final character reveal, but we actually have one last character to show you:


It’s you! Well, not really, but what’s a story without a main character? Now you probably won’t be seeing much of him given the general perspective of the story, but we think it’s important to establish the main character as a living, breathing component. Many memorable visual novels have worked under the idea of the main character being a self-insert on the part of the reader, but we feel that we would like to establish something more significantly “human” for our lovable hero; to establish him as a growing and dynamic part of the Human Reignition Project world. In that sense, you can think of him as another character no less important than any other.

Moving right along, we have also recently compiled our guest art gallery! The turnout has been fantastic, and we’re extremely grateful to see everyone’s representations of our beloved heroines. We’ll be including those in our demo release, so rest assured that you’ll be able to see them all very soon. To give a general overview of progress, we have all but a select few assets included and running in the build. All of the demo scenes have been edited extensively and we’re just making sure everything is exactly as it should be before we give it the final seal of quality and then ship it out.

We’re nearly there! Just a little bit longer now.



    1. Depending on how feasible shipping is, we might make some available online. There will also probably be some included in different reward tiers with the Kickstarter.

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