The Human Reignition Project is a romantic visual novel created by Alienworks, an international team of volunteers and contractors formed in 2012.

HRP explores the relationship between humanity and technology – especially those that have risen to prominence over the last few decades. Devices like cellphones and laptops make communication a million times easier, but are you ever actually closer to someone for it?

While it’s set in a fictional future, the game features plausible technology based on what’s currently being developed. Personal accessories and portable devices are ubiquitous – even more than in real life today.

There are plans for six routes, each one focusing on a romantic relationship between the main character and one of the heroines below. These routes do include sexual content. Each route is expected to be roughly 50,000 words long, making the total wordcount for the final product approximately half a million words.

Once completed, our game will be published on Steam by Sekai Project for a price that is yet to be determined.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to see our “FAQ” page, or contact us. We also check our subreddit frequently, and will do our best to respond to any questions here or there.









  1. i dont know if this is the right place 4 this or not.
    but since i really liked highway blossoms, i thoughti´d check out hrp.

    what if seen from the demo, and honestly i mayorly just clicked through it and read randome parts, its looking to be a good story.

    But! i hate both the fact that the MC is faceless as well as the “me” perspective in the narroration. i always find it really hard to get in the role of any MC in any story wether its a VN or an acual book.and the problem is that i really get frustraded when i turn out to be so diffrent in the story than i really am IRL. since i didnt really read to much of i cant testsmony 4 how much character the mc is, have rather plain charecterless MC is also a bad thing.

    to summarise my thought on HRP.
    i was hoping for something more in the style of Highway Blossoms (not talking about the yuri, though i would preffer that above starit relationsships) in how the sory follos amber and her narroration, compart to a faceless MC (the player) and a narroration from a percpective that is likey to be frustrating since i, and im sure many others are just to diffrent from this US in the VN.

  2. Will this be a game where you are stuck as a male/faceless MC or will the option to be female be available? Even something like what HuniePop did where the dialouge is just altered to be for the opposite gender and any CGs are “clean” would be nice.

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately, no female protagonist option in this game, as the protagonist has a defined role and personality rather than being a self-insert.

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