Our Final Character Reveal

Did you like the demo? I’m sure by now you’ve realized that was our April Fool’s joke. Each of the writers wrote a scene in thirty minutes. Tim, one of our musicians, fixed them together into something resembling a story. Finally, Kevin spent significantly longer on the direction than the whole thing deserved. We hope you enjoyed our efforts.

In unrelated news, we have bought two extremely talented editors on board, who are helping to get the script into its final state. With only one CG left to complete, the demo really is almost here.

With no particular occasion in mind then, today we have our second last character reveal:


“He’s not as pretty as the rest of the cast, but Kojo doesn’t let it bother him. Dedicated to testing his theories on human communication, he forms the Human Reignition Project, intending to change the world.

Or so he claims. Maybe he’s just crazy.”

There should be one or two more posts coming sometime in the near future, before the demo. After that?

Well, we’ll see you then.

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