We are not currently seeking any additional team members, besides an animator. If you’re interested in providing full-motion video, please reach out to us on one of our social media outlets, or email For all other positions, you’re still welcome to apply, and at the very least we’ll keep your application on file.


  1. I’m interested in becoming a programmer for the Human Reignition Project. I will be Graduating from Rutgers University with a Computer Science degree in January, and am looking for a group or project to keep me busy once classes end. I am fluent in Java and C, but have little Python experience. However, I have seen examples of both python and Ren’Py code, and if asked to, I know I can learn it quickly. I have also played my fair share of Visual Novels, and am familiar with their technical requirements. I can start learning Python ASAP, but I cannot offer any significant time commitment until about Mid-December, once the last of my finals have ended.

  2. I am interested in being this project’s CG artist. I’ve been involved in Visual Novel projects for more than a year now but none of the games I have worked on has been finished yet, so I thought it would be time for me to engage with another project. My pictures are in DeviantART, but I’m looking forward to making a website soon. My time will be short for the next months, but I work very fast and most of my previous clients have been very satisfied with my work. I have wide experience with Photoshop and SAI, I am always looking for improvement; I am generally a sociable and adaptable person. It would be an honor to be chosen.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your interest. You have some beautiful work, but at the moment we’re no longer seeking CG artists. However, we’ll definitely keep your application on file and might contact you in the future if a spot opens up!

  3. Honestly I’d like to be involved on if you think parts need feedback or anything I don’t have skills for anything else

    1. Thanks! We’re a little bit early to be needing feedback quite yet but if you’re interested in beta testing our other game, Highway Blossoms, early next year, I can add you to the list for that!

  4. Hello,

    My name is Jason Thomas. I am a 20 year old Professional Voice Actor who works in Video Games and Visual Novels. I have worked with Industry Pro’s such as: Caitlin French of Sentai Filmworks, Daman Mills of Media Blasters, Rachael Messer of FUNimation, and more! I am contacting you today to know if you are accepting and new talent for your Company? Thanks and have a nice day.

    -Jason Thomas

  5. Hello! My name is Kaila Nicole and I’m a voice over artist, I recently contacted Sekai and they recommended I talk to you about any open positions for current or future projects or if you know anyone looking for voice talent 🙂 Email me back for my demo reel and resume!
    Thanks so much,

    p.s. Please excuse the cheap website. It is a temporary until my official site is coded and uploaded

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