Monthly Archives: April 2014

Act One Draft Outline Complete!

I’ll admit, things haven’t been progressing very quickly for the last week or two. College finals, computer meltdowns, and full-time jobs have gotten in the way for a few of our members, and things have naturally slowed. They’ll be picking back up soon, but in the meantime I thing you’re all due for an update. This one’s a pretty big one.

We’ve finally finished our draft outline of Act One! All 21 major scenes in this act are now fully detailed. The only thing left is to go over the outline to fix inconsistencies, throw some extra (but still meaningful) scenes into the mix to pad things out and get back to editing and writing. After that, we can start commissioning some more backgrounds and get those sprites updated. That means you’ll be seeing new art from us relatively soon, which is always awesome. I might be a little too optimistic in saying this, but once everyone gets back into high gear, it shouldn’t be too long before we start needing beta readers for our Act One demo. But you didn’t hear it from me…