Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Future is Now

It’s time for a confession.

Twelve months ago, with Alienworks collapsing under the ridiculous scope of our project, we were forced to make a tough decision: let it fold, or steal all the art, music, and scripts from an obscure Mongolian visual novel, and pray no one noticed. Regrettably, we settled on the latter, and had managed to get away with it until three hours ago when we were contacted by the makers of “БНХАУ-ын хамгийн шилдэг секс тоглоом” and ordered to cease and desist.

Unfortunately, today was in fact the deadline for our demo release. Two hours ago, deciding we had come too far to fail, the team started over on our own version of “The Human Reignition Project”, using largely original assets. Heroically, everyone pulled together, and we managed to finish on time.

We’re actually all super proud of our demo. The story is remarkably consistent, in terms of plot, characterisation, and style, and our art assets are almost as good as those we have been promising you. We are certain you will agree this is an acceptable product after our three years of development.

So here it is: our demo.

Walcome to the Humen Reeignishun Project.

Guest Art for the Beta

Hi folks. As we march ever closer to the inevitable beta release, we’re looking to flesh out our extras gallery. As fans, one thing that we always like seeing in VN’s is a guest art gallery, so we’re trying to see if anyone would be interested in contributing to something like that. What we’d be looking for from each artist is a single image, featuring at least one of our characters. Details beyond that would be entirely up to the creator. It would be unpaid, so we understand if that’s offputting to anyone. Deadline would be the first of May. If you’re interested, let us know by tweeting @Raithfyre/@AlienworksDev or emailing Thanks and cheers

Also, in addition to the sprite art shown on our site so far, here’s an image of the full cast for reference:

Full cast