Winter 2017 Update

Hey everyone, We here at Alienworks wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! Our end of the year update is a little bit shorter than usual, but not without content!

Happy Birthday to Us

Whoops, we’re not very good about posting consistently on here, are we? On the 13th of October, we as a dev team celebrated our fourth birthday. October 13th, 2012 was the date that a bunch of random people on the internet all responded to a Reddit post with the vague intention of making a visual… Continue reading Happy Birthday to Us

New Character Designs Complete!

If you haven’t been following our twitter (which you totally should, we’re @AlienworksDev) then you might have missed that our last couple character redesigns are complete! But fret not – that’s what blog posts are for.

Happy Holidays + Looking Forward

Hey everyone, and happy holidays. Sorry there was no update last month. There wasn’t enough of the exciting kind of progress to show, and rather than a boring update just for the sake of posting, we chose to forego. This month, however, we have a few things to show off and talk about.

Bursting Into Treats

Hello friends, First off, here’s hoping everyone had or has a sufficiently spooky Halloween. The holiday doesn’t really start for me until tomorrow, when all the candy goes on sale, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any treats before then.

Announcing Highway Blossoms + HRP Cover Art

Hey everyone, I just got home from Anime Weekend Atlanta and am still in the process of recovering from that. It’s tough to decide if I should be drinking whiskey or coffee. Maybe I’ll go for them both. Anyway, with the con came some big news:

Alienworks at AWA

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that a few of us will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta in, well, Atlanta next month. You might be able to find me around Sekai Project’s table again some of the time, as well as the occasional other member. If printing happens fast enough, we’ll be selling… Continue reading Alienworks at AWA

The HRP Kickstarter Has Launched

Friends, we’re both excited and terrified to finally be launching the Kickstarter for our game. As you’ll immediately notice, we’re launching the campaign slightly ahead of our demo release, which is still coming soon. We’ll make another announcement about that when it’s ready, and you will of course be able to play the demo without… Continue reading The HRP Kickstarter Has Launched

The Really Final Countdown

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m bad about saying how things are final when they’re not. Character reveals, blog posts, etc. You also probably noticed how we said that demo would be out in May, and now it’s June. Uhhh, well, about that… First off, I’ll say with absolute certainty that it won’t be… Continue reading The Really Final Countdown

Print Preview

. . . And I don’t mean like that thing that tells you how many pages of paper you’re gonna be using. As we’ve mentioned a bunch of times now, we’re going to be at Anime Expo with Sekai Project this July. We also said that we’d be selling some prints, and wanted to give… Continue reading Print Preview