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The Final Stretch

Hey everybody! We at Alienworks have been keeping busy these last few weeks, and the results are coming up strong. As I suspect you may be aware, our April Fool’s demo stated that we would be releasing sometime in May. Fortunately, just about all of our assets and other various creative elements have come together nicely, and while I can’t absolutely guarantee exactly that time frame, I can say with certainty that we will be holding very close to that release schedule. I won’t bore you with a bunch of technical details, but I can say from seeing it myself that it will definitely fit with our vision of what we were hoping to accomplish by demo release.

Now, beyond that…

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Halfway to Demo!

Hey guys. So I know we’ve been quiet lately, but we’ve still been doing what we can to keep everything going nice and smoothly. As such, after quite some time of intense outlining, drafting, and editing, we finally have some exciting news to share: We have finished the entirety of Act One. That’s not all, however. We are also currently working to make a build of said act. That really shouldn’t take too long, so that means that work on Act 2 will begin very soon. Focused work specifically, I mean. As of the current moment, we already have a bit of progress into the second act. As has been the case in the past, I can’t give out an exact time or even an estimate of time, but the next step after getting Act Two drafted and edited and nice is to release a fully working Demo (Acts One and Two comprise our common route). We’re going to keep working as hard as we can in the mean time in order to hopefully give you, the player, an enjoyable game experience.