Sprite Art Complete

It’s finished!

…The sprite art, at least. Still, it’s a big milestone, and it brings us one step closer to the all-important release date. Myuto has done an incredible job bringing every character to life in a short time, and we’re immensely thankful for all his effort. So, to commemorate the occasion:



“Irresponsible, mischievious, and largely incompetent, Kyoutarou is long-suffering Ken’s long-time coworker. The two have nevertheless managed to strike up a strange relationship, which consists largely of covering for one anothers’ mistakes, and arguing about who’s buying dinner.

Still, despite his lackluster appearance, Kyou seems almost unique in his ability to communicate with those around him, and subtly shift others into changing their behaviour. Whether his goals are anything other than petty self-serving, however, only he knows.”

This leaves us with two character profiles, after which our announcements should be picking up. Stay tuned!


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