New Character Designs Complete!

If you haven’t been following our twitter (which you totally should, we’re @AlienworksDev) then you might have missed that our last couple character redesigns are complete! But fret not – that’s what blog posts are for.

Senri is the most recent of the new updates, and also the last to be completed. While we’re all sad to see her painfully out-of-season crop top go, the new jacket that she’s sporting is both warmer and a little more memorable.



Aside from Senri, recently, Myuto also finished Setsuna’s new look. Hers wasn’t so much a redesign as it was a modernization – her coat was tailored a bit, and she’s just been updated to fit the new style.



Aside from just generally looking better, it’s our hope that this new look will be an easier match for the CG artists, too. While there will probably still be a bit of disconnect between the sprite and the CG style, we’re trying to minimize that as much as we can.

To the best of her knowledge, these should be the final designs moving forward for the rest of the game. You can see all the girls below, also scaled for appropriate relative heights. Did you know that Setsuna’s tall? We should probably mention that in the demo somewhere.



  1. i wish it will be finished!!! ^_^ i love the demo and i am a fan of it so i;m looking forward to it but i have a question,when’s the release date? i wanna know ^_^

    1. Hey, glad you’re excited! Still too early to know a release date but we’re thinking hopefully early next year!

      1. hahaha cool! i’m very excited and i’m only 17 years old!! so i hope will be finished next year just like you said!!!
        i played anime visual novels and watch anime romance movies so Human Reignition Project will be my dream come true!!! XD P.s i live in the Phillipnes!!!

  2. Myuto’s character designs are always so lovely (Blyskawica where, tho?). Just got Highway Blossoms the other day and loved every moment of it, and the premise of this novel has me anticipating its full release quite a lot. Keep up the awesome work, Alienwork!

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