1) Will there be H scenes?

The game is currently intended to be All-Ages. We may find a way to incorporate adult content, if we can do so tastefully. Should we choose to take that direction, the adult content will be optional and an All-Ages version will still be available.

2) How is this being funded?

The demo version of the game is heavily underway, and for a while was entirely financed by the developers. In early 2015, however, we partnered with Sekai Project, who assisted us financially. Additionally, we will holding a crowdfunding campaign in the near future.

3) Are you looking for more staff?

While we will likely be looking to acquire additional staff eventually, we are not actively looking to recruit at this time. However, if you believe you can offer us a service, please send in a resumé outlining your area of expertise, your experience, and what you think you think you can bring to the project.

4) Why a Japanese setting?

Many of the social issues Japan faces – such as its aging workforce, dwindling birthrate, and the ever-growing problem of young people being uninterested in relationships- are ones that we wished to tackle within the Human Reignition Project. Additionally, Japan has hosted a plethora of technological innovators over the last few decades, which is extremely relevant to our story. That aside, the setting isn’t explicitly Japanese and features no significant cultural references or landmarks.

5) How long will the game be?

It is difficult to estimate. What we do know is that the demo contains over sixty thousand words, and each of the six routes is planned to be the length of a good novel. That would make it one of the largest western visual novels ever produced.


    1. iOS/Android/Vita ports are definitely something that we’ve thought about, but don’t have any current plans for. I’d love to see those all happen, but I don’t know how difficult it would be. If we can afford it and do it with little issue then I don’t see a reason why not, though.

  1. I just finished playing the demo and I can’t get enough. I can’t wait for this to be finished! It’s so much more interesting than the other game you’re working on.

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