A New Heroine Appears

We promised it, and now we deliver. The sixth and final, never-before seen, red-headed heroine of the Human Reignition Project:




“Independent and reckless, Aya is pretty sure she’s invincible, and so far nothing has been able to prove her wrong. Fiercely inquisitive, any obstacle in her way is viewed as a personal challenge, and it’s practically a miracle to see her back down once she’s intrigued.

Aya’s self-reliance has led to an uncomfortable relationship with technology, which she believes is depended on far too much. It’s this, coupled with a deep-set desire to do something about it, that causes Aya to become tangled up in the Human Reignition Project.”

This isn’t the end of our art reveals. While the primary heroines are complete, we still have several secondary characters, as well as the protagonist, to reintroduce.

More is on the way. Until then,


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