Mo content, mo problems

So our last post was in October. Whoops.

I’d like to apologize for the lack of traditional updates recently – I know a lot of you like to keep up to date with these things. In the future, we’ll try to do a better job of keeping everyone in the loop.

Rest assured, the project is still going strong, if not hobbling along slightly due to real life commitments and final exams coming round the bend. Common routes are a bitch to write, but we’ve made a lot of progress over the past few weeks alone, and we’re all really pleased with the direction we’ve chosen to take the story – which we hope will be as refreshing to read as it is to create.

In light of some scope, finance, and personnel issues, we’ve tried to trim down the scale of the game a bit. I know that may come across as slightly disappointing, but the only things being trimmed are scenes almost unanimously seen as “fluff” by the writers. What we’re left with is a very focused, condensed, and rich plot. Our plot is like eating a mid-sized 80% cocoa bar instead of a big white chocolate pretzel rod.

Yeah, that’s a good analogy. Let’s put that in the game.

Anyway, the changes shouldn’t cut play time in any significant way, and what scenes we do have we all really like. Plus, this way we get to funnel our budget into things we think are awesome. Yay budgets!


By TonyTwoFingers

I am also the project’s director, so if you ever have any complaints, I’ll address them, by promptly passing them on to Rific to read aloud for the group. I am currently enrolled in a liberal arts program at university. Yuk it up. I know. Liberal arts. Maybe one day I’ll clear your plate for you.

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