Progress! Also, music!

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so long. Merry-belated-Christmas, and happy-belated-New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful time. Progress is moving along smoothly at Alienworks. In the past few weeks, we’ve made leaps and bounds in planning. We’re hoping to move onto formal writing within a few more weeks. Get hype.

Also, we welcomed Fulminis-ictus to the team recently! Though there are those who call him… Tim. Primarily us. Here’s his SoundCloud page!

Make sure to check it out, and hopefully, we’ll have some pieces by him up on the project’s SoundCloud real soon. And again, I promise to post more often. Cross my heart, hope to die. (Of course, if that doesn’t work out, you could always drop us a line on reddit, or email us at!

By TonyTwoFingers

I am also the project’s director, so if you ever have any complaints, I’ll address them, by promptly passing them on to Rific to read aloud for the group. I am currently enrolled in a liberal arts program at university. Yuk it up. I know. Liberal arts. Maybe one day I’ll clear your plate for you.

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