Disregard Poster, this was Written by Auric

Hello again, friends. Some time ago, we decided that we would only use the blog when we had a major announcement. However, we are now looking to change that, in order to reassure you that we are still working behind the scenes.


Hello again, friends. This is our lengthiest update in a while, and also our most important! Probably ever. Lots of good things have happened to us, and many more are on the horizon. Here’s the breakdown.

Towards the Summit

Heya y’all, Another month’s gone by, and more progress has been made. Straight on to the art front, we can announce Shion’s sprite art has been completed. Mondonater is naturally extremely pleased to have his heroine gorgeously rendered, while the rest of the writing staff look on in silent jealousy. We’ve all been impressed by… Continue reading Towards the Summit


Hey guys. Bit of bad news here, so bear with me for a while. If you haven’t been able to tell by the lack of an “IT’S READY!”  at the start of this announcement, we’ve run into a few setbacks. After our imminent release was announced two months ago, things kinda got crazy. As we… Continue reading Delays

A Blog Post

Greetings, Earthlings! It’s been a while since we’ve updated, so we wanted to change that. I really have a bad habit of writing overdue progress reports, don’t I? A few big things have happened since we last chatted. For one thing, we’ve sorted out some issues and settled some arguments (while starting a few others)… Continue reading A Blog Post

Halfway to Demo!

Hey guys. So I know we’ve been quiet lately, but we’ve still been doing what we can to keep everything going nice and smoothly. As such, after quite some time of intense outlining, drafting, and editing, we finally have some exciting news to share: We have finished the entirety of Act One. That’s not all,… Continue reading Halfway to Demo!

Fifteen Thousand Plus

The Human Reignition Project has gone through a few iterations and false starts before it became the story it is today. One of those iterations was a nice, campy little Slice-of-Life story about a kooky old professor dragging a group of regular people along to take part in wild shenanigans while learning the importance of… Continue reading Fifteen Thousand Plus

Yep, we’re still here.

Hey! Calistilaigh here. Yeah, THAT guy. Today you’ll have the pleasure of getting all the news and hubbub from me, myself, personally! Our first bit of news is that our outlining is nearly finished! Everything’s pretty much laid out, and we’re just putting the finishing touches on a few things to really pull the story… Continue reading Yep, we’re still here.