Towards the Summit

Heya y’all,

Another month’s gone by, and more progress has been made.

Straight on to the art front, we can announce Shion’s sprite art has been completed. Mondonater is naturally extremely pleased to have his heroine gorgeously rendered, while the rest of the writing staff look on in silent jealousy. We’ve all been impressed by the speed and quality of Myuuto, our sprite artist, and are definitely looking forward to more of his work.

Writing still proceeds, with the final few scenes being finished off now. The word count has surpassed sixty thousand, and seems set to continue growing. Editing is also progressing well, with some early scenes now almost finalised.

Music production continues, which is great as we’re finally starting to implement the monstrous musical backlog Tim and Mondo have built up into the actual build. It’s been interesting trying to match music to scenes, and even more interesting finding how the result affects the mood.

Other than that, we’ve had discussions on our main menu, story, and, most heatedly, on whether to use an introductory lyrical song. No promises, but with most of the groundwork laid, we’re getting to the stage where we can add polish.

One sad bit of news is to do with CGs or, more specifically, the lack of them. After sorting out our budget, we’ve worked out we only have just have enough to cover the backgrounds and sprite art, even with the extremely resaonable rates both Badriel, our background artist, and Myuuto have offered us. That’s not to say we won’t have CGs in the demo, just that there will be far fewer than we would like. We’re now set on taking this to kickstarter when we have a demo, and so we’re hoping we can gather enough funds to fully finance the art department then, and get some really jaw-dropping scenes.

Still no ETA on the demo, unfortunately, but with the script and BGs so close to done, it’s really now a matter of waiting on sprites, then polishing and directing. We’re sorry to have kept you all waiting so long, but hey, we promise you a really kick-ass demo in exchange. Look forward to it.

-Auric Orange

Maximum surprise
An example of Shion’s new sprite art, courtesy of Myuuto.
Senri a best.
Some character designs from CG artist, Hibiki9.

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