Progress 2.0

Early height comparison image

Early height comparison image, minus one heroine

So we’re preparing for something. Something big. You probably know that already. Don’t worry, it’s not another ‘restructuring’, ‘consolidation’, ‘reimagining’ or any other big word that tries to spin something bad into sounding good. This thing we’re preparing for is actually good, and we need to clean up for it in advance. Unfortunately that’s why the blog suddenly looks so bare right now; we need to make a good first impression.

I promise you that in a few weeks (or months) you’ll finally find out what the hell this project you’ve been following is all about.

All of our old blog posts are still posted at our old blog if you still want to take a look at them for some bizarre reason, but we’ve removed them from our WordPress because, like I said, we want to clean this place up in preparation for The Big Thing we’re going to be presenting soon (I feel like such a tease when I say that). Now before you get your hopes up, The Big Thing isn’t a demo; we’re not even close to the point of releasing anything more than a cobbled-together, poorly edited glitchy piece of junk right now. We’d like to spare you from having to see something like that, and by that I mean we want to keep our followers, not make them vomit in disappointment.

Anyway, aside from The Big Thing moving along smoothly, a new Mystery Member or two, a ton of new, amazing backgrounds, breaking the ten thousand word and 200 subscriber barriers, polishing our first scene to the point where it’s really starting to shine, a group logo finally decided upon, and a writing and editing process refined [deep breath], there’s not much more to report just yet.

But we’ll keep you updated.

By Ethan

“Oily” is one of the original members of the DevTeam. He’s the mediator of the group: “The Great Compromiser.” Fitting, considering his favorite U.S. History figure is Henry Clay. He just can’t understand why Jackson was such an asshole to his homedog Henry. Again, a gifted writer, though he keeps his past shrouded in a veil of intrigue and lies. We know, Oily. We know everything.

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  1. I’ve been following this project since I found out about it through reddit, and I have to say that I’m very excited for “The Big Thing.” Keep up the good work! I hope this sparks more original English VNs in the future!

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