Our Final Character Reveal

Did you like the demo? I’m sure by now you’ve realized that was our April Fool’s joke. Each of the writers wrote a scene in thirty minutes. Tim, one of our musicians, fixed them together into something resembling a story. Finally, Kevin spent significantly longer on the direction than the whole thing deserved. We hope… Continue reading Our Final Character Reveal

The Future is Now

It’s time for a confession. Twelve months ago, with Alienworks collapsing under the ridiculous scope of our project, we were forced to make a tough decision: let it fold, or steal all the art, music, and scripts from an obscure Mongolian visual novel, and pray no one noticed. Regrettably, we settled on the latter, and… Continue reading The Future is Now

Guest Art for the Beta

Hi folks. As we march ever closer to the inevitable beta release, we’re looking to flesh out our extras gallery. As fans, one thing that we always like seeing in VN’s is a guest art gallery, so we’re trying to see if anyone would be interested in contributing to something like that. What we’d be… Continue reading Guest Art for the Beta

Disregard Poster, this was Written by Auric

Hello again, friends. Some time ago, we decided that we would only use the blog when we had a major announcement. However, we are now looking to change that, in order to reassure you that we are still working behind the scenes.


Hello again, friends. This is our lengthiest update in a while, and also our most important! Probably ever. Lots of good things have happened to us, and many more are on the horizon. Here’s the breakdown.

A Blog Post

Greetings, Earthlings! It’s been a while since we’ve updated, so we wanted to change that. I really have a bad habit of writing overdue progress reports, don’t I? A few big things have happened since we last chatted. For one thing, we’ve sorted out some issues and settled some arguments (while starting a few others)… Continue reading A Blog Post