The HRP Kickstarter Has Launched

Friends, we’re both excited and terrified to finally be launching the Kickstarter for our game. As you’ll immediately notice, we’re launching the campaign slightly ahead of our demo release, which is still coming soon. We’ll make another announcement about that when it’s ready, and you will of course be able to play the demo without pledging money.

The demo release is estimated for roughly halfway through the campaign, if not sooner. Our campaign will be running for 30 days, with a funding goal of 22,000 dollars. It’s taken us a long time and a lot of hard work to get this far, and we hope that you believe in us enough to keep going.

At the same time that we’re launching our Kickstarter campaign, we’re also going to be beginning our Steam Greenlight campaign. Please vote for us there to help us get our game distributed on Steam.

All of this feels a bit surreal right now, so I’m going to leave off there. We’ll make another post when the demo is done, as well as a post if and when we meet our initial funding goal. Until then, wish us luck. We’ll see you on the other side.


Hyperlinking is currently messed up on our blog, so I have to link directly.


Steam Greenlight:


  1. The adult content was confirmed, but now, as is highlighted in steam, it has to be removed for that digital version.

    Here says that even the physical version will be censored, (Before it was +18). I think that the adult content will be included and available anyways for those that buy the game, as promised. But anyways it will be good if the devs can confirm it 😛

    1. Well, it was confirmed in the kickstarter, +18 content wont be included, not even optional as in Katawa Shoujo, … just wait for those amazing heroines’s routes 😉

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