Late Nights and Caffeine

Alienworks policy has always been to avoid blog posts that really don’t have much to do with the project itself. This morning, however, operating on five and a half hours of sleep for the fifth day in a row, I’ve decided to see if I can get away with one.

As of this moment, Nanoreno has induced teams from around the world to scrabble to put their own visual novels together in thirty days. I’m reminded of a year ago, when Raithfyre, Mondonater and myself geared up for the challenge. With Mondo doing his usual brilliant composing, Raith and I set to writing the script.

After half the script was written in one long night of caffeine and a total disregard for what we were hurling onto electronic paper, we wound up with something you would struggle to call “polished”. Shortly afterwards, when we realised our art team were MIA, we decided to shelve the project.

Things are different here. The Human Reignition Project was initially written over six months, and has since seen another eight of careful and cautious editing. We have a stable art team- more on that later- and are about to commence what will hopefully be our final round of editing.

Nanoreno is a blast, and something I’d happily try again- but while it’s fun to work as a galeforce lightning storm to Get Something Done, sometimes taking your time is the best approach.

So, after that ramble, I’m sure you’d like some art:




“While her upbringing may have been stuffy, Setsuna is anything but. Laid-back and casual, she’s easily one of the more free-spirited heroines, adding a much needed playfulness to the group’s dynamic with her signature brand of snark.

Still, she still takes the work they do seriously, and enjoys the chance to connect with other people. To Setsuna, that’s something important—perhaps too important.”

Also, with our regular background artist Badriel caught up elsewhere, Jake Bowkett (aka Tempus) has stepped up to finish the demo’s final backgrounds. I could spend another paragraph telling you how good he is, but I think his work speaks for itself:


With the build itself in need of tidying up, we have also recruited Kevin, Somnova Studios’ scene director, who’ll be responsible for putting everything together. We’re excited to see what he can do.

What else? Our first CG is coming together, the preliminary designs for the project’s logo have been looked over, and we’ve installed our sparkly new main menu theme (which, for once, we won’t be uploading to Soundcloud).

I myself am editing scene five.

Hope you’ll all enjoy it.


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