Pre Alpha Complete

Welcome back to the unfolding tale of Alienworks.

Since our last update, the team has reached a major milestone- we’ve completed a pre-alpha build, utilizing all our exisiting assets. While we still need half the art for half the characters,  additional music, and a whole lot of editing, for the first time it’s possible to experience the story as it was meant to be, and see it in motion. On a personal note, I can say I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished.

We decided to commemorate the event with another updated character art reveal (which no doubt anyone who follows Raith on Twitter has glimpsed already):




“Undoubtedly one of the strangest members of the group, Senri is a dedicated student with a passion for engineering, centered around robotics. Her self-assurance and strong beliefs often lead to arguments and conflict, exacerbated by her rather noticeable lack of interpersonal skills.

Senri is forever curious, and delights in learning. She may seem difficult, but her motives are essentially good, and ultimately she just wants what she thinks is best for everyone- whether they like it or not.”

As a bonus, we also wanted to share the results of some faulty direction:



Finally, as her writer, I also feel obliged to set professionalism aside for just one moment to inform you that Senri will be best girl.

We’re hurtling forward, so we’ll have more for you soon.

Until then,


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