What’s HRPpening?

So many of our recent happenings have gone down on Kickstarter that this blog has started to seem almost¬† extraneous. But now that the dust has settled, I’d like to take one final opportunity to thank everyone who contributed, and then move on to what’s next. With the demo out, major announcements from now on… Continue reading What’s HRPpening?

Sprite Art Complete

It’s finished! …The sprite art, at least. Still, it’s a big milestone, and it brings us one step closer to the all-important release date. Myuto has done an incredible job bringing every character to life in a short time, and we’re immensely thankful for all his effort. So, to commemorate the occasion:

A New Heroine Appears

We promised it, and now we deliver. The sixth and final, never-before seen, red-headed heroine of the Human Reignition Project:

Late Nights and Caffeine

Alienworks policy has always been to avoid blog posts that really don’t have much to do with the project itself. This morning, however, operating on five and a half hours of sleep for the fifth day in a row, I’ve decided to see if I can get away with one.

Pre Alpha Complete

Welcome back to the unfolding tale of Alienworks. Since our last update, the team has reached a major milestone- we’ve completed a pre-alpha build, utilizing all our exisiting assets. While we still need half the art for half the characters,¬† additional music, and a whole lot of editing, for the first time it’s possible to… Continue reading Pre Alpha Complete

Art! (also, editing)

Hello again. This has to be a new record for shortest time between blog posts, but we do have some good news to announce: Yukino’s sprite art has been completed. So, without further ado:

Towards the Summit

Heya y’all, Another month’s gone by, and more progress has been made. Straight on to the art front, we can announce Shion’s sprite art has been completed. Mondonater is naturally extremely pleased to have his heroine gorgeously rendered, while the rest of the writing staff look on in silent jealousy. We’ve all been impressed by… Continue reading Towards the Summit