Art! (also, editing)

Hello again. This has to be a new record for shortest time between blog posts, but we do have some good news to announce: Yukino’s sprite art has been completed. So, without further ado:

pose_leaning-in no bg pose_neutra-alt-pjs no ng

For most of her life, Yukino has been encountered, rather than looked for. Being something of an afterthought to most people, she isn’t exactly high up on the social ladder. Plus, she’s one of very few members of her generation to grow up in a religious household. These circumstances have led to her being rather socially inept, though not actually as rude as many people seem to think.

Despite her somewhat icy exterior, Yukino’s actually desperate for something that she can be passionate about, most potential outcomes of her life seem rather boring. She joins the Human Reignition Project in an attempt to change that.

In other news, we recently completed our second round of editing. We’ve actually been sitting on a full script for six months now, but it’s taken a lot of cleaning to get it to its current state. We still have a while to go, but we are confident that the end is in sight. Given that everything is taking much longer than expected, however, we are now operating under the time tested idea of “When it’s done” in regards to our release date.

Every heroine is going to have a character profile released in the coming weeks, including one whom we have yet to reveal. Hope you’re looking forward to it.

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